What we do and how to contact us:

We are a group of women who have a sincere heartfelt gratitude for our Veterans of the Untied States of America. Each year we decide how we can better serve and thank our veterans for thier service. We know that the reason we enjoy the freedoms we have is because of the sacrifice's this countries veterans have made. We are a nonprofit 501(3)c
Contact us:

S87 W23110 Wynn Drive
Big Bend, WI 53103

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Vicki Sanfelipo

vicki at diamondposse.us
Diamond Posse’s Founder Spitfire #9 (Vicki Sanfelipo RN)

Amy Skaling

diva at diamondposse.us
Diamond Posse’s very own Diva Amy (Amy Skaling)
Cat Hammes

Cat Hammes
Diamond Posse’s One Legged Blonde (Cat Hammes RN)