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Amy Skaling

diva at diamondposse.us
Diamond Posse’s very own Diva Amy (Amy Skaling)

Anything worth DOING is worth OVERdoing”
This is the credo Diva Amy lives by in her life and her work. Anyone can see the true meaning of this credo when she pulls up on her beloved "Diva Glide." It has an incredible leopard paint job and is embellished with Swarovski crystals on the paint as well as the custom drilled parts. Diva met Vicki at the AMA Women's Conference, in Keystone, Co. and from there, they began to further forge Diamond Posse. Diva Amy designs and creates embellished apparel, accessories and is best known for her fabulous Bret Michael’s cowboy hats. Riding is her passion, identity, and her church... forged for many years within her. She is inspired by these experiences while riding and shares it with all she encounters as well as her creative art. Her spirit radiates her love of the road and motorcycle riding. It is her vision to bring out the beauty found within each of us, translating individuality and expression. It is her desire to touch the lives of every person she meets through her energy, kindness, compassion, and a little sparkle

Owner of Team Diva


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Diva Amy Diamond Posse Ride 2011

"Diva" Amy Skaling will leave Park City, UT, leading her crew to Kansas City, MO.