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Cat Hammes

Cat Hammes
Diamond Posse’s One Legged Blonde (Cat Hammes RN)

“When death throws you back.”
Cat’s famous words when she speaks. It was May 20, 2006 by medical opinion Cat should be dead. A
motorcycle crash resulting in skull fractures, TBI, punctured lung and amputation of her leg. She shares, “Not riding again was never an option.” While on medical leave as an ICU RN she was terminated, 6 mths later divorced, 6 mths after that lost her house, life gone in a flash. She was left with a crashed Harley, broken mind, body & spirit. It was in the caverns that she was being forged. She shares a decision as she speaks, “I could stay angry the rest of my life or pick myself up & the only way I knew how was to ride again.” As she spent time rehabbing she met veterans dealing with many losses. As friends rebuilt her Harley, her mind, body
& soul began to heal. Once back on the saddle healing began and the reason her life had been spared, more apparent. “If God himself came down and said,” “I will give it all back,” she shares; “Thanks but no. I have found life.” As her journey continues to reveal itself she is an inspiration to the broken. As she pulls into a VA centers a veterans spoke up, “If that little girl can ride that, I will walk again!” So as she is Riding Above The Tombstone, Diamond Posse’s One Legged Blonde shares, “I might have lost my leg but I have gained my Life!”

Motivational Speaker
Prosthetic Consultant

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Cat Hammes, Diamond Posse's "One Legged Blonde" will leave Dallas, stop over in Oklahoma to visit a favorite VA, than off to Kansas City, MO