Betsy Lister
Diamond Posse’s Celebrity Guest Rider

Gypsy (Betsy Lister)

My passion for wanting to aide Veterans goes back to 1967, when I met and subsequently married my husband of 25 years, Richard; who had just returned from the Vietnam War! When I saw the injustices and the way Vets were treated and the hurdles put in their way; I vowed to do "something" to help them find resources that would aid them in seeking the services, help and info they need.
Fifteen years ago I started a POW/MIA Veterans weekly online newsletter that's disseminated throughout the country that shares stories of POW/MIA's, finds of remains, studies, resources for help, and much more.
As an associate member of two Marine Corps Leagues and a full member of the MCL's Honorable Few Riding Detachment I continue to reach out and help Veterans constantly, through the PGR, chairing benefit rides, and
working other events. When I read about the Diamond Posse I just had to contact Vicki to get involved! We can't do enough for those who fought and sacrificed their lives, their limbs, and their well-being so that we can enjoy the freedoms we do today!

Ooh Rah~
Semper Fi

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