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Help us Name a NEADS Service Dog in a contest that benefits Canines for Combat Vets.

Vote as often as you like! $5.00 per vote. The dog that raises the most votes wins!

Contest begins August 5th and ends September 11th ( Votes may take up to two days to update, so don't worry your vote will be counted for sure)!

Congrats to the Winner


Thanks to all of you that voted and donated!!!

Also our processing is being done via our printer/web master  ( Rene Bruce)  so you will see the charge come from them ( Tents and Flags) and not Diamond Posse or ASMI, don't be alarmed, google didn't get our non profit paperwork for some reason and we can't get them to fix it as of yet, so we had to do the alternative as our contest ends this Sunday. Thanks for understanding this really means the world to us.

Diamond Posse Service Dog Votes Cart

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